Emma Go ‘Juliette’ glitter front peep toe flats


Emma Go ‘Juliette’ glitter front peep toe flats, £92.13

I’ve been wearing a lot of pairs of flat shoes lately, much to the surprise of the readers of my other blog, who aren’t used to seeing me in anything other than stilettos!

Now, normally when I start wearing flats, people could be forgiven for thinking that I’m either a) on holiday, and doing a lot more walking than usual or b) suffering foot problems which have made it impossible to wear my beloved heels. Until very recently it wouldn’t have even occurred to me to wear flats by choice, but lately it’s been happening a few times, and I’ve been discovering that yes, flat shoes can be just as stylish as heels – you just need to find the right pair, and the right outfit to wear with them.

Take these Emma Go ‘Juliette’ sandals, for instance: a gold glitter vamp, a cute (and perfectly shaped) peep toe, a navy velvet heel – these are so much more interesting than anything I’d normally associate with the words “flat sandals” (To be perfectly honest, those words always make me think of the kind of shoes little girls wear – and for good reason, too), and are really quite glamorous. They’re available in a range of different colours, including a gorgeous red and gold version, which has just gone straight onto my wish list.

If you like the navy and gold colourway, but prefer shoes with at least a bit of a heel, however, I also like these, by the same brand:

Emma Go sandals

These use a similar kind of colourway, although with rose gold rather than yellow gold, but have a think, conical heel, which makes them a little more interesting, and should also be relatively comfortable to walk on. These are £120, but low in stock, so if you love them, you won’t want to wait around!

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