Shoe Save # 61/80: Just Joanie

green dress and nude shoes

SHOES: Neutral platforms from Next
SAVED: December 1st, 2011
WITH: Green ‘Joanie’ dress, PinUp Couture

It’s Day 1 of Dressember, which I’m hoping will provide just the impetus I need to get through a few more shoe saves this month! God knows, I need to: the eBay shoes I mentioned in my last Shoe Save post arrived yesterday, bringing my total up to 80, so I really need to get a move on! I can’t really bring myself to feel guilty about the new additions, though, because I really love them AND they were a bit of a bargain, so it had to be done!(I’m actually planning to wear them this weekend, but I posted a little preview on my Facebook page yesterday, if you’re particularly curious!)

These shoes, meanwhile, are another pair of the “dull but useful” variety:

I’m a big fan of “simple”, so I love these and wear them fairly often, but I’ve put off photographing them – and the other shoes like them – mostly because they don’t really make for very interesting posts!


OK, shoes: who’s next?

Shoeperwoman's shoe collection


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