Shoe Save # 60/79: Cold Feet

tan pumps

SHOES: Tan Barratts pumps
SAVED: Monday, November 28th, 2011

It was really too cold for these shoes yesterday, but they’re one of the pairs I wore frequently all summer without bothering to photograph, so, even although they’re as boring (but useful!) as it gets, I suspect I’d regret not taking the opportunity to save them while I can! Also, I, er, won a pair of shoes on eBay yesterday, so it’s not like my Challenge is getting any easier, here: technically the figure in the title of this post should be 60/80 but 60/79 sounds so much more reasonable somehow that I refuse to update it until they’re actually in my hands. Or on my feet, as the case may be.

I’m also grabbing a last opportunity to wear jeans before Dressember starts: I don’t think I’ll miss them, much, though – I’m going through one of these “need new jeans, can’t find any I like” phases at the moment, so I’m hardly ever wearing them – bring on the dresses!


  • I like them! And your scarf too! I think these shoes are what people say “no embellishment, so, too simple”, but I think simple is always nice! So now you have 20 pairs of shoes and 10 weeks to wear them! 2 pairs a week, you can do it! I am crossing my fingers and looking forward to seeing your outfits/shoes!

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