Shoeper Shoesday | How Office are trying to bankrupt me

First up, the bad news: I ended up returning those Office boots I ordered a couple of weeks ago. I loved them, and I so wanted them to work, but unfortunately they looked really unflattering on, so back they went: boo!

The good news, however, is that I’ve found plenty of other shoes and boots to replace them with. Like these, for instance:

Office 'Niagra' red peep toes

Office ‘Niagra’ peep toes

Shoes like these are the reason Office has become my go-to high street shoe store this year. They can just do no wrong as far as I’m concerned, and with these red peep toes, they’re getting a whole lot right. These might just be simple peep toes, but they’re absolutely stunning ones, and the colour is perfect: if you disagree, however, they also come in black – needless to say, I want/need them both!

Sticking with the ‘peep toe’ theme…

Office 'Notebook' nude peep toes

Office ‘Notebook’ nude peep toes

Now, I know quite a few of you will look at these shoes, and just think, “Nude peep toes: so what?”, but if you knew how many hours of my life have been wasted on the search for a pair of nude peep toes exactly like these (and at this kind of price-point, too…), I’m sure you’d understand just why I love then so much!


Office 'Splash' shoe boots

Office ‘Splash’ high vamp glitter heel shoes

I don’t normally like shoes with high-vamps, which have a bit of a leg-shortening effect, which I really don’t need on my already short legs. Oddly enough, though, I DO like shoe boots (even although they have the same kind of effect, really), which is what these remind me of, so I think they could work really well, especially with jeans or trousers. If  you’re not sure about them in this photo, be sure to check out the ASOS catwalk video – they look absolutely amazing on the foot!

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