Dorothy Perkins black and white chevron print pumps

chevron print shoes

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Dorothy Perkins black and white chevron print shoes, £22.50

Chevron print has been fashionable in the world of home interiors for a long time now (The fact that I even know this tells you just HOW long – I don’t follow trends in interiors AT ALL!), and I’ve noticed it cropping up in the world of fashion a fair bit too, lately.

These shoes are from Dorothy Perskins, and are just £22.50 on sale: they were £25 full price, so it’s not exactly a huge saving, but then again, they weren’t exactly expensive to start with, and every little helps, doesn’t it? They use this most popular of prints all over a classic, high-heeled pump, creating a look that’s worlds away from the pastel shades this shoe is also available in, but not any less wearable because of it. In fact, you could argue the opposite: the print may be very trendy, but black and white is a classic, and works so well with most other colours, that you probably don’t need to worry too much about finding different ways to wear these.

chevron print shoes


I normally like to pair black and white shoes with either black or white themselves, but this time I’ve chosen a bright red skirt and top (not forgetting the red lipstick, which is an essential component of this look) for contrast. Any bright, jewel tone will work with these shoes, as will pastels: I personally like to avoid pattern-mixing, but if you want to try a bit of pattern MATCHING, I did feature this Karen Millen coat just a few days ago!

(OK, I’m joking: I think head-to-toe chevron would probably give me a migraine, so I’ll be sticking to the block colours with shoes like these ones!)

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