Sam Edelman metal heel suede pumps

Sam Edelman metal heel suede pumps

Sam Edelman metal heel suede pumps

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Sam Edelman metal heel suede pumps, £160

When I first saw these shoes over at Louisa Via Roma, I thought for a second I was looking at new version of the Casadei Blade pumps I love so much. A second glance confirmed that wasn’t the case: however it ALSO confirmed that these are, in fact, by Sam Edelman, which makes them a little bit more affordable than Casadei, if not quite as dramatic.

Closer inspection also conformed that what appeared to me a triangular pattern on the gold heel of these is, in fact, a series of notches cut into the metal. It’s an interesting effect, which makes the tapered heel even more of a statement than would otherwise be the case. Just to confirm that my original assessment of these wasn’t totally off the wall, the heel shape is reminiscent of the Blade heels, both from the side and the back, although part of that shape is a clever illusion created by the suede section at the base of the heel, which elongates the stiletto in the same way that Christian Louboutin’s famous ‘apostrophe” heel does.

stripe skirt and top


Co-ords (coordinating tops and skirts/trousers) were a big trend this summer, and I love ’em. Worn together, they look like just  a dress, but the fact that you can wear the two pieces separately makes them much more versatile. This particular set is new in at Oasis, and while they’d create a fairly bold look when worn together, I don’t know about you, but I can always find room for an extra stripe sweater or pencil skirt in mt closet. I’d normally pair black and white stripes with a bright shoe (red, usually), but in this case, as the print is so eye-catching, I think it looks good with black shoes: if you do want to add some colour, there’s always nail polish!


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