4 Cute Bags for Your Next Flight

four bags for your next flight

One of the things I spend far too much time thinking about in life is what to wear during a flight.

This is one of the few times in my my life when my outfit isn’t normally built around my shoes (or my dress, even), as is often the case with other situations: no, when it comes to travel, it’s all about the bag. For me, the bag I carry onto the plane normally does double-duty as the bag I’ll carry throughout my trip: I’ll normally also pack a small cross-body or clutch for days I don’t have too much to carry, but for the most part it’s a “one bag to rule them all” kind of situation – which means you have to think about that One Bag very, very carefully.

It has to be large enough to carry all of your in-flight essentials, obviously, but it can’t be SO large that it’ll look ridiculous, or be too heavy to carry, for a day’s sightseeing or shopping, say. You see what I mean about spending far too much time thinking about these things?

The bags in the image above all come from Spartoo, and are the type of thing I’ll usually carry. The bottom two bags are the “sensible” options: the “go-with-everything” colours which don’t draw too much attention to themselves, but which still look stylish. The red bag, meanwhile, is probably my favourite of the four: it’s simple, but with that bright colour to make it stand out, and it would work well with most of what’s in my suitcase (my vacation style tends to rely heavily on the nautical theme!). It wouldn’t, however, work with absolutely everything – which is why the scenic print bag might be a better option: it’s whimsical and fun, but still in colours that will work with most outfits.

Which one would you choose?


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