The Wrap Dress of Dreams

floral wrap dress

Closet floral wrap dress

I gotta tell you, sometimes I REALLY wish my job didn’t require me to trawl through the internet every day looking at clothes to feature.

I mean, most of the time I DON’T wish that at all, obviously, but… well, if my job didn’t require me to search for pretty things to show you, I wouldn’t have been on the Dorothy Perkins website at 11pm last night. I definitely wouldn’t have scrolled aaaaaalllll the way through the dress section, and that means I’d have woken up this morning in complete ignorance of the fact that this floral wrap dress exists in the world.

I guess that could be seen as either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your point of view.

From MY point  of view, meanwhile, it’s both a good thing AND a bad thing. It’s good because I think this dress is close to being perfect. I’ve been loving wrap dresses anyway lately, but this one has the virtue of being fairly high necked, meaning there’s less danger of inadvertently flashing someone – as is usually the case with any other wrap dress I’ve ever tried. The length, meanwhile, is perfect, as is the print, and I think it’s the kind of dress which would probably work for a variety of different situations, from the office (depending on your dress code, obviously), to dinner afterwards.

Why is any of this a bad thing?

Well, because this dress is one of the ones that ISN’T in the Dorothy Perkins sale, and despite what I just said about its versatility, it’s still very much a warm weather dress – and it’s not like we get a whole lot of THAT in the UK, is it? Still: I guess there’s always next year… isn’t there?

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