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ASOS WEDDING Jacquard Midi Prom Dress

ASOS WEDDING Jacquard Midi Prom Dress

Although I’ve talked a lot recently about how my style has changed slightly this year, one thing that definitely hasn’t changed – and which I can’t really see ever changing, if I’m honest – is my love for midi prom dresses.

I have way too many of these now, but I never get tired of the style, which is so evocative of the glamour of the 1950s and early 60s. This dress particularly calls that era to mind, with the little bow at the waistline (and I know it’s probably just a coincidence, but there’s something vaguely retro about this model’s hairstyle, too, don’t you think?). I also love the jacquard fabric this dress is made from: not only does it feel satisfyingly thick and substantial, it doesn’t crease easily (a big consideration for me: I hate it when I come home from an evening out, thinking I look reasonably presentable, only to glance in the mirror and realise my dress is so creased it looks like I picked it off the bedroom floor when I was getting dressed!), and has a real “special occasion” feel to it, too.

That latter point definitely isn’t a coincidence: this dress is from the ASOS Wedding range, which is one of my favourites on the site, even although I don’t have any upcoming weddings I need to dress for.  If you’re not a fan of the prom dress style, however, this fabric is also available on a pencil dress, also from ASOS Wedding:

ASOS wedding jacquard pencil dress

ASOS Wedding jacquard pencil dress

Either of these dresses would make gorgeous bridesmaid’s dresses, or could even be worn by the bride herself, if you’re going for a less traditional look. Me, though? Well, I don’t currently have a decent excuse to wear either of them, unfortunately, but I’m sure I could invent one, if you just give me a bit of time…

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