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peplum hem coat

Peplum hem coat, £65

I have an embarrassingly large collection of outerwear, but I reckon I could easily get by with just two coats: as long as the coats in question were…

1 camel coat

1 brightly coloured coat

The camel coat is my favourite outerwear “neutral” – it works with almost any colour, is more flattering to my pale complexion than black (which seems to be the go-to coat colour for many), and has a classy, luxurious feel to it that I love.

ShoeperWomen cannot live on neutrals alone, though, so I’d also want something a little more “fun”, for those days when the outfit underneath was relatively neutral, allowing the outerwear to become an outfit all in itself. Baby pink has been a popular coat colour for the past two winters now, and its not hard to see why: it’s cute and colourful (and a little unexpected – or it would be if the colour hadn’t become so fashionable!), but the pale colour is still pretty versatile, which is essential if you want to get a lot of wear out of your coat.

Luckily for me, Miss Selfridge have been excelling themselves in the outerwear department this winter, and their latest release fulfils both of my requirements: the perfect winter coat, available in both camel and pink!

I really love the shape of this coat, which adds a little bit of a twist to the classic shape, with the pretty peplum hem. The fitted shape will look good over both trousers and dresses, while the double-breasted fastening keeps the look smart enough to wear anywhere.

I think the pink coat would look fantastic over an all-black ensemble, and could be just the thing to brighten up a dull winter’s day. The camel version, meanwhile – well, it’ll work with almost anything, and would be the kind of thing that would instantly dress up a pair of jeans.

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