Costume National’s cage heel shoes

costume-national-cage-heelI’m sure everyone reading this is probably aware of Yves Saint Laurent’s famous cage heel sandals, which have been one of the most talked-about shoes of the year so far.  Looks like Costume National have jumped on board the cage-heel bandwagon, however, with a couple of new styles that use that distinctive heel.

The peep toes on the right of the picture above are $894 from Zappos, while the shoes on the left are $969. Pretty, expensive, then, for something that’s probably going to turn out to be just a passing fad, but what do you think of them? Would you buy these?


  • I am so torn. I have Kurt Geiger perspex heeled shoes. “PORN”! you shout, but no..they’re actually very nice. So with initial “errr, maybe not” will doubtless melt away, and when a high street version makes its way to Liverpool I might actually try them on…!

  • While I really like the gray pair, I would probably not wear them myself. The black pair seem pretty ho-hum even with the addition of the cage heel.

  • I quite like the right pair, but not so much the left, because I’m anti-anke straps. And I really like cage heels, for a bit of a change. I don’t even see them really going out of style. They’re classic looking to me.

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