Brian Atwood denim peep toe slingbacks with gem stones

We’ve discussed denim shoes before here at Shoeperwoman, and the consensus generally seems to be that, with a few notable exceptions, denim and shoes should not mix.

We’ve also discussed gemstones on shoes, and come to more or less the same conclusion: that if there’s too many of them, they can look just a little bit cheap.

I pretty much agree with both of those conclusions, and yet… and yet I have a feeling that if I were to see these Brian Atwood slingbacks in person, I’d probably love them. Maybe even a lot. I’m not saying I’d buy them, obviously: in fact, given that they’re £965 I can say with some confidence that I definitely WOULDN’T buy them, no matter HOW much I loved them (I value my marriage too much), but I’d maybe want to.

Would you? If so, you can get them at Colette.


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