Ace of Spades: Kate Spade pink patent ‘Nera’ flats

My search for pretty flats continues, and this week I’ve turned up these fabulous pink patent pumps by Kate Spade. Now, $228 is quite a bit more than I’m thinking of spending on flats – I’m much, much harder on them than I ever am on heels, so they never seem to last very long – but that aside, I absolutely love the little “spade” detail on the toe, which is totally different from most other shoe embellishments, and gives them a very whimsical, Alice-in-Wonderland kind of feel. And that’s without even mentioning the glorious, bright pink upper.

Like them? If so, you can click here to buy a pair from Kate Spade.


    • They’d all gone into the spam folder for some reason: no idea why – normally it happens if there’s a link in the comment (I get a lot of people who just post comments saying, “Hi, please look at my blog”, which get spammed for obvious reasons), but sometimes the spam filter just sends comments there randomly, too. I’ve dug them out now for you 🙂

  • Kate Spade does make AMAZING flats, or heels for people like me who can’t walk in extremely high heels. 😀

  • I do love flats sometimes, especially when they’re bright hot pink, but there’s just something about the square toe that puts me off about these… Too bad, would’ve probably adored them with a round (or even a pointed) toe.

  • Very pretty – I love flats (increasingly so in fact – I fear it is a sign of age creeping up on me, eek!) but that might be a little too pricy for them for me… in a 50% off sale I’d be there though.

  • Love them, the combination of pink and red is so beautiful, and the spade is so cute! Just a bit too expensive for flats – somehow I’m much less willing to spend money on flats than on super-impractical heels….

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