Satin and leather stiletto sandals by Berny Demore

6inch-heelsWell, these shoes certainly got my attention, that’s for sure.

They’re by Berny Denmore, and that heel is a massive 13cm high, which comes in at just under 6″. The platform, meanwhile,  is 2.5cm, which is slightly less than an inch, so you’re still going to feel like you’re walking on a 5″ stiletto. Not the shoes to buy if you’re planning on doing much walking, then, needless to say.

These come in a red and pink mix: the red parts are leather and the pink bits are satin, and there’s also a metal tip on the heel, just in case these weren’t fancy enough for you.


These are £554, and you can buy them here. What do you think of them, though?


  • They’re very architectural aren’t they? Nice to look at, but I wouldn’t be able to walk in them: I’m clumsy and I would trip all over myself and probably twist an ankle (or two).

  • They’re pretty, but wouldn’t the metal bit on the heel make them awfully slippery, or is there rubber on the bottom? That combined with the height just makes them a little too impractical.

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