Miss KG ‘Caiden’ red mid-heeled sandals

Miss KG  'Caiden' red mid-heeled sandals

Miss KG  ‘Caiden’ red mid-heeled sandals

I’m having to write this post in advance, as I do all of my posts these days, and I almost hesitate to mention this, but these shoes are currently on sale for just £29. Which honestly makes it a little bit surprising that I’m writing about them purely as shoes I’d LIKE to buy, rather than as shoes I’ve already bought, doesn’t it? I’m trying my best to be sensible right now, though, and I apologise in advance if the sale isn’t still running when you read this: I really hope it is, though, and even if it’s not, I think they could just be nice enough to justify buying at full price, anyway – I mean, it’s not often I find a mid-height heel I love this much, after all!

The heel isn’t the only thing I like about these sandals, though – I also (and very predictably, I’m afraid) love the bright red upper, and the huge double-bow, which pretty much dominates the entire upper of the shoe. This is definitely one of the more extravagant looking bows I’ve seen lately, and that’s no bad thing at all: as you probably know by now, I tend to take a, “the bigger, the better” attitude to bows on shoes, and although I feel like I’ve probably aged-out of wearing them on my clothes these days (Which is not to say that you can ever be too old for bows, by the way, just that my own taste has moved away from them as I’ve gotten older – probably because of the bow-overkill I indulged in a few years ago!), I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of them on shoes. Luckily for me, a large number of shoe designers seem to agree with me on that one, so I don’t think I’ll ever run out of bows to show you, somehow!

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