Schuh ‘Baylee’ nude platform wedges

Schuh nude platform wedge shoes

I’ve been in the market for a pair of nude wedges lately, and it’s proving to be a harder search than I would’ve anticipated. I actually thought I’d found the perfect pair last week, and even got so far as ordering them… only for them to sell out before they could be shipped, much to my disappointment. The search continues, then, and while Schuh’s ‘Baylee’ wedges aren’t exactly what I’m looking for (I’m hoping for something without a platform, ideally, and these shoes are just all platform…), I do like them, especially when viewed on a foot:

Schuh baylee wedges

Great colour, great shape, great height… if they came without the platform, these would be on their merry way to me right now. As it is, I’ll keep on looking – and returning to this page every so often to have a look at these ones. Well, even if I find a pair without the platform, it doesn’t mean I can’t have these too, does it? Does it?

These are £50: click here to buy them from Schuh.


  • This is the perfect example of what I call a ‘cinder bloc show’ – just… too much. Too much platform, too much bulk. I can’t see them as elegant or flattering in any light.

  • I just love how you can admire shoes on a foot on the Schuh website. It makes shopping so much easier, I don’t know why not all shoe websites do it!

  • I actually don’t currenly own any wedges so am in the market for a pair (I’ve been holding out for the Carvela Kuchina’s but finding a pair at a price I can afford is proving tricky!) I tried on these in Miss Selfridge yesterday and fell in love a little. Also more platform than I thought I’d like but sooooo pretty. But suede of course. Bloody suede! I’d be far too terrified to wear them anywhere outdoors!

  • I’ve been looking for nude pumps and nude wedges, and I so agree, though I want mine without peep toe. Make sure to let us know when you find something!

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