Sergio Rossi platform sandals with flower detail

sergio rossi flower sandals

I can’t quite decide whether these shoes are too much, or just enough, so I’m putting them here in the hopes that you’ll all decide for me.

One things for sure: there’s definitely a lot going on here. There’s the flower on the toe for one thing, but if that isn’t doing enough to make you think of summer gardens and beautiful blooms, the thin green straps are also doing their bit to make you feel like the stem of that flower is gently snaking its way up your foot.

Then there’s the bright green mirrored surface on the inside of the heel. And the neon yellow on the outside of it.

Yup, it’s a lot to take in on one shoe, but now that you have, what do you think of it?

These are by Sergio Rossi, and they’re £489 at Far Fetch: click here to buy them.


  • I’m kind of partial to them, because it’s an unusual take on a floral shoe, and the colors work for me. Even tho I am usually anti-platform on a closed-toe shoes, I will let these slide bc the rest of them are pretty open, so they fall under my ‘disco sandals’ exception clause.

  • Sorry I have been absent, but I’m travelling – again – a lot these days and barey touch the computer!
    Now, these shoes… are sooooo the way I like shoes to be…!!!! I wish I had them NOW!

  • I can’t be as positive as you, even if yes, the flower is elegant. But the straps really stop me and can’t remind me anyting but an old good washing line… 🙁 (At least, I also got summer gardens in mind 🙂 )

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