Shoe Save # 77: Casual Friday

black boots

SHOES: Black heeled boots (originally my mum’s!)
SAVED: January 5th, 2012
WITH: Leggings and cardigan, Primark; tunic, H&M; scarf, New Look; watch, Michael Kors c/o Shopbop

This is one of my lesser-spotted casual outfits, just to prove that I do actually have some – and also because by this stage of the festive season, casual clothes are pretty much all I want to wear: yes, even Shoeperwoman gets tired of dressing up all the time after a while!

Our festive season is a particularly long one, because as well as Christmas itself, and New Year, we also have a lot of family birthdays and other events to celebrate, so we start the week before Christmas and don’t stop until… well, around about now, actually. It’s a lot of fun, but you do eventually get to the stage where you just want to throw on something comfortable and not leave the house for a week!

I did actually have to leave the house yesterday, and as the weather has been absolutely horrible, I  went for an old pair of boots, which I liberated from my mother’s closet a few years ago. These are totally plain, but that does mean they get a lot of wear, because they’re the kind of footwear you just don’t have to think about. Sometimes that’s just what you need…


  • Casual is also beautiful! And you always look gorgeous!
    Boots are the best for this time of the year there, for sure! I was informed it is very cold, so this is what is waiting for me soon!
    Your hair looks lovely! You know I am a big fan of fringes!

      • Wow, thank you, this such an honor! Yes, I’m biased to speak about fringes! When I was 14, I wanted it so much and my mother didn’t (and I had to follow what she said)… at the age of 15 I cut it alone! And since then, I very seldom didn’t wear it!!! 🙂

        Your hair is always beautiful!!!

  • Wearing leggings almost as pants is the last thing I expected from you, but you certainly pull it off. 🙂 Also, love your bangs (I’ve been wondering how they look like since your post about the hair incident)!

    • The leggings go perfectly with the cardigan and black high heel boots. And what’s wrong with wearing leggings as pants?

  • I, too, am a fan of the new hair style! It looks great on you and I absolutely love your color. I only wished mine looked like that! Beautiful!

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