Pink floral tie clogs from Miss Selfridge

I’ve been firmly on the fence about the clog trend that’s been… well, “sweeping” would probably be too strong a word here, so let’s just say creeping through the world of fashion this season. Traditional, low-heeled clogs just don’t do it for me, but I’m not adverse to some of the high heeled versions, and actually have fond memories of a pair of black heeled clogs (with peep toes, natch.) which I wore to death a few years ago, and which were one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I ever owned. They were from Barratts. I really miss them.

Anyway! Where was I? Oh yes, these pink sandals from Miss Selfridge, which are being described as “clogs” on account of the wooden heels/soles and the rivets on the platform. I’m not even a little bit on the fence about these: in fact, I’ve climbed right over the fence, and I’m sitting in the Pink Clog Camp. And guess what I’m wearing on my feet? Yup, I really like these, from the pale pink colour, which will help to perform the illusion of elongation on the leg, to the cute little floral print bows, which just scream “summer”.

These are £45, and they’re available at Miss Selfridge. What do you think?


  • I’m going to stay on the opposite side of the fence on these. LOL, I don’t particularly care for that bow. I have a pair of Michael Kors clogs and a pair of off brands as well and I guess I just have a “sensitive sole” but the wooden heel is very unforgiving for me. Of course that doesn’t stop me from choosing this style of shoe when I know I’ll be doing more sitting than standing. I like the studs & the color on this shoe though, it’s that bow that keeps me from sitting in pink clog camp with you 🙂
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  • There are clogs that are the nasty throwbacks from the 70s (essentially a hole-less croc with/without the strap, with/without a heel), and there are decent items of footwear that are given the “clog” label for the reasons you state.

    They are not the same.

  • whenever i see clogs or read about them i am reminded of a very obscure indie film i watched in the 90s with crispin glover in which a character yells “clog !!!!” does a ninja kick and sends his clog catapulting into crispin glover’s character’s face over some slight…it was quite amusing

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