Tosphop ‘Sultry’ snake effect blue platform shoes

Blue snake effect platform shoes

This is the third pair of blue shoes I’ve featured today: well, I did warn you I was addicted! There’s just something about this colour that means I can’t just scroll by it. When I found these shoes, though, I was really pleased to come across a blue upper that isn’t suede: for some reason, most of the blue shoes I find seem to be suede ones, and as much as I love it, it’s not always the most practical fabric for footwear. These use snake-effect leather instead, so while the colour is just as vibrant, they may be a little more weatherproof.

These shoes are from Topshop, they’re called ‘Sultry’, and they have a hint of Louboutin’s ‘Daffodil’ about them, thanks to that huge platform and pointed toe. Thankfully, they don’t have a hint of Louboutin’s pricing about them, though: these are £88, and you can click here to buy them online at Topshop. What do you think of them?

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