Christian Louboutin Flo Spikes Glitter 120mm

Christian Louboutin Flo Spikes glitter
Christian Louboutin Flo Spikes glitter

red sole

Christian Louboutin Flo Spikes glitter, £895

Well, if I didn’t already love spikes on shoes, I think it’s safe to say these babies would’ve won me over. I mean, just LOOK at them. That amazing, curved peep toe shape. The glittered upper. The SPIKES. I even like the little pop of neon pink from the insole, which is somehow the perfect compliment to this shoe (and also about as much neon as I can deal with on anything.).

As for the style itself, we’ve seen both the spikes and the shape before, and I’ve no doubt we’ll be seeing them again. These are two of the things Louboutin does spectacularly well, so who can blame him for wanting to keep on revisiting such a wonderful shoe? Not me, anyway. In fact, my only issue with these – and it’s a big one, unfortunately – is that price tag. £895? Ouch. Looks like I have some serious saving-up to do…

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