Zara turquoise chunky platform peep toes

Zara platform peep toes

These shoes look more teal than “turquoise” on my screen, but both of those colours are equally acceptable to me, so here they are anyway, and if you do happen to buy a pair, be sure to let me know which colour they are “in real life!”

Although these are really very simple, they stand out for three reasons: the chunky shape, the bright colour, and the squared-off toe shape:

Zara peep toes

Now, square toes are my least favourite shape of all: I think they can give a shoe a very clumsy look, and I don’t know about you, but that’s not a look I tend to covert. I find them more acceptable on a peep toe than on a pump, though, and could probably live with these ones, if only because of the colour, and the satisfyingly chunky shape.

If you could live with them too, they’re £49.99 and you can click here to buy them from Zara.


  • I LOVE them and their squared off toe, I think they’re a bit edgy, but I go for chunky kinds of styles because I’m big and tall! Love the colour too, whether it’s teal or turquoise!

  • I’m on board with the squared toe hate, and I think overall their look is a bit too retro, though not altogether bad

  • The shoes look so good! Just today I’ve seen a woman trying these on in local Zara store here..and.. she couldn’t walk in it at all! They are so tall, she wasn’t able to do more then few steps in them. I don’t understand why somebody would buy shoes like that – also they add you almost 15 cm of height which makes an average woman taller than all men together! Why don’t they make shoes normal height – 8-10cm? I have so much trouble finding shoes like that, all the pretty ones are extremely tall.

  • I normally despise square toes, but I think I could maybe just about forgive these. I would absolutely adore them if the toe was rounded off – I’ve been lusting after a pair of chunkier peep toes and have been eyeing up Carvela’s Georgies but was dissapointed they only came in black and grey – but I definitely don’t dislike them. Everything else about the shape is just lovely, and the colour is gorgeous.

  • I could definitely live with those. Perhaps I will make my first ever trip to Zara to see if we have them here!

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