Would you wear mules?

River Island blue suede mules river island blue suede mules


THE SHOES: River Island suede mules, £70

Scrolling through River Island’s ‘New In’ section yesterday morning,  I was surprised to see these baby blue mules (which are also available in black) tucked among all of the winter boots and pointed court shoes. Not only do they seem a little out-of-season (I know you could wear them as evening shoes, but I tend to associate this kind of style with summer rather than autumn), they also seem a little out-of-style: mules have gone through various surges in popularity (I remember seeing – and actually BUYING – quite a lot of them in the early 00s…), but there haven’t been too many of them around lately.

These ones are currently available to buy though, which makes me wonder what you all think of them. I know a lot of people find mules difficult to wear: the slip-on style means there’s nothing to anchor the shoe to your heel, and walking in them can take a little bit of getting used to, although it quickly becomes second-nature. Although I don’t have any shoes like this in my collection at the moment, I have a bit of a soft-spot for the style, which can work well as part of a retro-inspired look:

retro inspired casual look


In saying these are “out of season” – it’s actually still warm enough as I write this for an outfit like this to be totally within the realms of possibility (In October!), but there’s always next spring/summer! One of the advantages of not following fashion trends, is that you never have to worry about being out of fashion… because you were never actually IN fashion to begin with!

What do you think of mules? Would you wear these ones? If so, they’re £70, and you can find them at River Island.


  • Mmmmm, we’re coming into summer and I’m still not keen, far too 2002 for me, I wore mules to my wedding!

  • I’ve been seeing mules all over the fashion blogs this past summer, but I can’t get over not having something keeping my shoes from “slapping” at the heel…

  • I’m going to date myself but I had these in high school when everyone was wearing Candies the 1st time. I just can’t go back.

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