Next brocade velvet court shoes

brocade velvet pumps

Next brocade pumps, £32

Brocade velvet: it doesn’t really get much more wintry than that, does it? Well, not unless we’re talking about snow boots, I guess, which we’re not, so back to these pumps…

These are just £32, which is a pretty good price, especially considering that they’re probably not the kind of shoes you’ll end up wearing every day. No, the black and gold upper, plus the velvet fabric, makes these a great choice for winter evenings, and the type of parties that tend to fill them. It’s still way, way too early for me to want to start thinking about the Christmas party season, but I know plenty of people who are already getting geared up for the season of tinsel, glitter and parties, and if you’re one of them, these would be an affordable choice for your party wardrobe – or even for Christmas day itself, assuming, of course, that yours is a “dress up” rather than a “stay in your PJs all day” kind of day. Although, that said, these COULD look good with a pair of pyjamas, too. I mean, any excuse, right?

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