Ravel red pointed Mary Janes

red mary jane shoes

Ravel red Mary Janes, £50

I usually try to restrict myself to no more than one piece of Shoe Kryptonite per day, and I’ve already used up Tuesday’s quota with those Lanvin t-bars I showed you earlier, but I have to say, I’m close to declaring these shoes to be Kryptonite, too.

These are by Ravel, and as well as being dangerously attractive, they’re also dangerously well priced, at just £50, which makes them even harder to resist than the “fantasy buys” that so often trigger my Kryptonite radar. In fact, I think they’re just about perfect: an elegant, Mary Jane shape, a slender strap, a beautifully shaped upper… I could go on. Best of all, these are the idea shade of red, as far as I’m concerned, which is actually pretty rare. Too often, red patent shoes can be so bright they end up looking very garish, but these are bright enough to pack a lot of visual impact, but not so bright they look cheap.

These may not LOOK cheap, but I reckon £50 is a pretty decent price for a pair of shoes which would definitely become a “go to” in my wardrobe. You can find them at Dorothy Perkins.

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