Topshop ‘Whirlwind’ espadrille glitter wedges

white wedge shoe with gold glitter wedge heel tan wedge shoe with silver glitter heel

Topshop ‘Whirlwind’, £65

Well, I think it’s safe to say that these probably got everyone’s attention… although whether that be for good reasons or bad ones remains to be seen.

These shoes are a bit of a strange collection of juxtapositions: the leather with the glitter, the tan with the silver, the fact that the top half of the shoe seems to say “summer” and “daytime” while the glittery wedge heels say “evening” and “party time!” Or is that just me? It’s an unusual combination, anyway, and I have a feeling it might put quite a few of you off, for that very reason.

For myself, I don’t dislike these, but I have to admit, I’m struggling a little to think of a situation where I’d find myself longing for a tan wedge with a silver glitter heel. Maybe that’s just me, too, though.

In closing, I’ll just add that I think I’d like these better the other way around: tan with gold, silver with white. What do you reckon?

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