Dune ‘Hotty’ colourblock platform pumps

Dune 'Hotty' colourblock pumos

These shoes have been clamouring for my attention for a while now. “Shoeperwoman!” they keep calling. “Put me on your blog! So that everyone can see me, and love me!”

I’ve been steadfastly ignoring these cries up until now because, well, there’s only so many pairs of colourblocked pumps I can take at any given time. Now that I’ve finally gotten round to these, though, I don’t know why I’ve been resisting them for so long, because although there are a lot of colour block platforms around right now, these still manage to be a bit different, and they do it by bringing the platform right up under the bridge of the foot, creating a chunky effect that’s really just an illusion: I don’t think these shoes are actually any thicker in that area than regular platforms: they just look like they are because of the platforms.

I really like these, and if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve been favouring non-platformed shoes (or ones with a concealed platform) lately, I’d probably be sorely tempted by them.

What do you think? (You can click here to buy them for £90.)


  • I saw them a while ago (and even showed a different angle – which looked slightly better… I didn’t see the platform going up to the heel… now that I saw it, no way!), and I thought they were too extreme for me – not only the platform, but colors… the black and blue ones could do, but I would have liked better with one platform layer only…

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