Two pairs of heart shoes to love or loathe

heart front ballet flats

Well, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and you know what that means, don’t you? Yup, we’re soon going to be seeing lots and lots of pairs of shoes with hearts on them somewhere. At least, I hope so, anyway: I’ve never been particularly interested in Valentine’s Day itself (Call me a killjoy, but if I’m going to go out on a “date”, I’d rather do it on a day when the restaurant WASN’T full to capacity, with the prices hiked up in honour of the occasion), but I DO love me a good pair of heart shoes – which is why I own more pairs of the things than is really necessary.

(Are ANY pairs of heart shoes really necessary, I wonder? Probably not. That’s not going to stop me, though.)

I DON’T own a pair of ASOS’s ‘Long Time’ heart-front ballet flats, but it’s possibly just a matter of time, because they’re only £22, AND they’re super-cute: what more could a girl want? I’d be most likely to wear these with jeans, allowing them to be the focal point of a casual outfit, but a white upper definitely isn’t hard to style, so I’m sure these would earn their keep fairly easily.

If you REALLY hate Valentine’s day, on the other hand, how about these heart print sandals by Phillip Plein?

Philip Plein heart print sandals

At first glance, I assumed these shoes were all sugary-sweetness, as most shoes with an all-over heart print are. Closer inspection, however, reveals that some of the hearts are broken, making  the sandals a little less typical of the type of thing we’ve come to associate with bright pink lovehearts. Speaking of the colour, however, the black upper will make these easy to wear, and they’re one of the few pairs of sandals I think could look OK with tights, if you really can’t wait for warmer weather before you wear them!


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