DSquared ‘Queen Mary’ Sandals

DSquared 'Queen Mary' Sandals

I love DSquared2. I mean, I can’t really imagine being able to actually afford any of their stuff, other than in my wildest daydreams, but I do love the way they manage to give their own special twist to everything they do. Take these high heeled sandals, for instance. In the hands of another brand (and I’m naming no names here…), these could easily have ended up being a bit “prom-queeny” or “bridesmaidy”, if that makes sense? In other words, they’d have been pretty, but the kind of pretty that can end up looking just a little bit unimaginative, or formulaic. Like bridesmaid’s dresses, they end up looking very specific to the purpose they were designed for, and not at all like the kind of thing you might ever wear again.

When DSquared2 make a shoe like this, however, they manage to add that unidentifiable something that makes it fabulous. I’m not sure if it’s the height of the heel (A prom shoe would have a much more sensible heel than this one!) or the chunkiness of the jewelled embellishments, but these have a very glamorous, decadent feel to them, and that’s why I love them. (Oh, and I also lve the emerald green, obviously: these would work well with SO many of my dresses!)

If you’re in the mood for something TOTALLY different, though, how about these ice-skate boots?

Dsquared ice skate boots

I seem to remember DSquared2 sending these boots down the runway a couple of years ago (and generating a huge amount of publicity as a result), but I guess they must gave been popular enough for them to want to release them again! I can’t actually imagine anyone I know wearing something like this, but I have to admit, they could come in handy on an icy morning, that’s for sure!*

(*They couldn’t: they’re not real ice skates, obviously!)

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