Diane Von Furstenberg ‘Eva’ scarf tie sandals

I’ve had my eye on these shoes for a while now, but they’ve just gone down to $192 at Shopbop, so I figured now was as good a time as any to show them to you. For me, these are a really good example of why sometimes you need to see a shoe on a foot in order to get the full effect of it. When I first saw these, for instance, I liked them, but they didn’t really bowl me over. Then I saw them on the catwalk:

Suddenly I was looking at them in a totally different light. Literally, I mean: it’s much brighter on that runway than it appears to be in the product shot, which makes the yellow uppers look brighter and more vibrant. Not only that, but the ribbons look somehow perkier and more luxurious, and the whole shoe just looks better.

It’s the ribbon bows that really make these shoes stand out, of course, but what I didn’t realise the first time I looked at them was that those ribbons are actually detachable. You can remove them altogether, if you like, and just wear them as mules:

The poor thing looks almost naked without the bow, doesn’t it? Look away, quick!

I much prefer them with the ribbons, partly because I never can resist a big ol’ bow, obviously, but also because mules aren’t always the easiest shoes to walk in, and I can imagine stepping right out of these, such is my level of clumsiness. It’s good to have the option to change things up, should you so desire, though.

These are by Diane Von Furstenberg and are available at Shopbop. Click here to buy them.


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