French Connection pink scalloped ‘Octavia’ heels

french connection octavia heels

French Connection ‘Octavia‘, £99

These French Connection scalloped heels are available in three colours: black, pink, and… another (paler) shade of pink. So if anyone thought I was exaggerating all those times I’ve said that pink would be BIG this year, hopefully this will help prove my point.

I think these shoes would be cute in any colour – that scalloped edge really helps set them apart, and turns a regular old suede peep toe into a mini work of art – but I don’t think I’m going to surprise anyone by saying that this shade is my favourite. The paler pink is also nice (and will be really versatile, too), but this one makes me think of summer, ice cream and rows of pastel-painted beach huts, so it gets my vote. Although the scalloped detail is very distinctive, and the colour very trendy, neither are the kind of thing that will date too easily, and I think these are the kind of shoes that you’d find yourself bringing out every summer, and getting lots of use out of, with both casual(ish) and more formal outfits.

What to wear with pink shoes?

Naturally, however, I’ve gone for the “more formal” option when styling these:

what to wear with pink shoes

What to wear with pink shoes

skirt // shrug // camisole // lipstick 

I’ve been looking for an excuse to feature this skirt for ages now: there are tons of full skirts around right now (much to my delight: between the full skirts and all of the pink/mint shades on offer, I’m really enjoying shopping right now – probably a little bit too much, actually!), but there aren’t many as pretty as this one, and it’s a perfect match for the colour of the shoes, too. Add a swipe of lipstick and a little cardi to cover your shoulders, and you’re all set for a summer wedding, fancy party or… you don’t really need an excuse, do you?


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