Iron Fist ‘Bunny Bunch’ bow platforms

Iron First Bunny Bunch

Iron Fist ‘Bunny Bunch‘, £53.95

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but Iron Fist isn’t a brand I’m often drawn to/ Every so often, however, they produce a shoe I’d be more than happy to wear, and this year they’ve done it again, with these ‘Bunny Bunch’ platforms.

Yes, these have huge platform soles, which I haven’t been wearing a whole lot of recently.

And yes, they have a kinda creepy skull print, which is only visible when you look closely: from a distance, it would be easy to mistake it for floral print, or some other random pattern.

Now, if you were to ask me to describe my ideal shoes, the words “skulls” and “giant platforms” probably wouldn’t come up in that conversation. They just wouldn’t.

The words “bow” and “blue” probably would, however, which is why these are one of a handful of Iron Fists which I don’t just like, I really like. The fact that they’re also one of the more subtle styles Iron Fist have ever produced probably has a lot to do with that, let’s be honest.

So, what to wear with these blue bow shoes? I don’t know about you, but I’d go girlie. Very, very girlie…

what to wear with iron fist shoes

Hell Bunny dress (eBay) // bag 

I’ve cheated a bit with this outfit, because the dress (Hell Bunny’s ‘B Movie’ dress) is no longer available in this particular print. You should still be able to track it down on eBay if you really like it, though, and if you happened to own these shoes, it might just be worth the effort, because they look particularly cute together (and will look equally cute apart). One word of advice, however: these shoes are low in stock, so if you love them, you might not want to wait to long before grabbing a pair!

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