Aquazzura Principessa suede sandals

blue and yellow strappy sandals

Aquazzura Principessa suede sandals, $745

These shoes arrived on the Shopbop website at the end of last week, but last I checked, they were almost sold out, which is kind of crazy, really, considering the price tag. I sometimes hesitate to show the REALLY expensive shoes here, because I think “Who on earth will buy them?” but of course, people DO buy them, and while I realise Shopbop possibly only had one pair of these in stock in each of the sizes shown, it still goes to show that it doesn’t really matter how pricey the shoe is, there’s always someone to buy it!

Not that I blame, them, of course: strappy sandals aren’t normally my thing, but these are some seriously gorgeous shoes, and I really love the mixture of navy, light blue and mustard. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been wearing a lot of mustard lately (Er, the colour, I mean. That sounded a bit like I was covering myself in ACTUAL mustard, didn’t it?): I love the colour, but I have to admit, it’s not the easiest for me to match, and when it comes to selecting shoes to wear with it, I’ve so far stuck to the “safe” options of black, or mustard itself, rather than branching out with something brighter. I think these could be a nice choice for those mustard skirts and dresses of mine, though: the pale blue works really well with the shade, and the fact that the centre of the t-strap is mustard anyway would help tie everything together.

Now I’ve made myself want these, which is a bummer given that a) they’re sold out in my size and b) did I mention that price tag?

If you happen to love these, though, my Shopbop tip is to keep refreshing the site: sizes often come back into stock when you think they’re gone for good.

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