Lollipops flower-embellished strappy sandals

blue sandals with large flower embellishmentLollipops flower-embellished sandals, £55.99

Last year I showed you a pair of D&G sandals with a huge flower on the front which was so pretty it went a long way towards making up for the “barely-there” style of the rest of the shoe. These shoes are… well, they’re not exactly the same, let’s face it. In fact, they’re not even close. But they have a similar feel, and a similarly huge flower on the front, and like their designer sisters, I find myself liking them, even although this style of shoe is generally not for me.

(I say that, by the way, not because I don’t like he way they look, but simply because I always feel a shoe which offers so little in the way of coverage calls for feet that are in much better condition than mine generally are. And this is a bit of a gross topic, so I think I’m just going to stop right there…)

Thanks to the flower embellishment on these, you’ll be able to cover up more of your toes than would generally be the case with this style of shoe, although, on the flip-side, people WILL probably be looking a little bit harder at them, purely because it would be hard NOT to look at a flower like this one. I really like the colours used on this shoe, and to be completely honest, I’d like pretty much ANYTHING that reminded me of Spring right now. These definitely do that, and they’re not too expensive either: get them here if you love them.



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