Pink peep toe platforms from River Island

These shoes have actually been out for a while now, and were almost sold out on the River Island website at the time of writing, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they’re totally sold out by the time you read this. I’ve seen them in-store recently, though, so you should be able to still pick up a pair if you really want them (and if you live in the UK).

I really like what they’ve done with the bow here:

It’s somehow perkier and prettier than many other bows, and while I’d quibble with the description of them as “pink” (I’d call them “mauvey-taupe”but I don’t think that’s a real colour) I like just about everything else.

These are £84.99 at River Island.


  • They are lovely! The color and the style – AND the bow, which at first I thought was kind of a butterfly (seriously!), but then you showed it through another angle and I loved it!!!! The only problem for me is the lack of straps – I’m a size 4.5 and so, need to buy size 5 shoes… most of the times wearing insoles to keep them right… so these shoes now would tend to slide, making walking really uncomfortable… sad! They are so cute!

  • I have a very similar pair from Dorothy Perkins. They are a lighter pinky nude and probably not quite as high. They were significantly cheaper too, about £30 I think!

  • I’ve been to River Island in Rotterdam twice last week actually KNOWING I’m going to find some very nice heels there. Imagine my disappointment! They have nothing there that worth trying on(

    No I have this off my heart, these shoes are beautiful, and they’re on my consider-to-buy list now!

  • They’re more brownish beigey. but still super sexy.
    The River Island in Lebanon close down, so I can’t get my hands on these 🙁
    Too bad, they’re so sexy!

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