Carvela Kurt Geiger ‘Leoni’ bow peep toes

Carvela Kurt Geiger 'Leoni' bow peep toes

Carvela Kurt Geiger ‘Leoni’ bow peep toes, £59

Remember Miss KG’s ‘Gabriella’ sandals? The ones I declared to be Shoe Kryptonite when they were first released, and named as one of my favourite shoes of 2014? Well, here’s this year’s version: they’re called ‘Leoni’, they’re from the Carvela by Kurt Geiger line, and they’re just as amazing as their predecessors.

And THIS, people is why Kurt Geiger is one of my favourite shoe brands – perhaps even my VERY favourite of the high street brands I love. (Christian Louboutin holds the overall title, needless to say.) Unlike SOME brands I could mention (Yeah, still not over those Zara asymmetric pumps, apparently…), when Kurt Geiger know they have a hit on their hands, they’ll quite often re-release it, albeit in an updated form. That’s what they’ve done here, so anyone who missed out on a pair of Gabriellas, now’s your chance!

Like Gabriella, these have a glitter upper topped off with a brightly coloured bow, and they come in black, nude and gold. The shape, however, is different: the are a classic peep toe, with a half d’orsay upper, which isn’t quite as dramatic as the curvy sides of Gabriella, but the shape of the bow helps make up for it: it’s particularly cute when viewed from above, which is handy, because that’s how you’ll see it when you’re actually wearing them, obviously.

The other big difference is the price: Gabriella was around £90 when they were released, but these are just £59, making the temptation even greater. I mean, a pair of glitter-covered peep toes is the absolute LAST thing I need right now, but as you all know, “need” and “want” are two completely different things when it comes to shoes, and that’s why they’re so dangerous to the ol’ bank balance!

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