Even & Odd green high heeled bow pumps

green bow on toe of shoe green high heeled shoes with bow on toe

Even & Odd bow pumps, £38

As soon as the thumbnail-sized photo of these shoes appeared on my screen, I knew I was going to love them. As I clicked on the photo, I was desperately hoping they’d turn out to have real leather uppers, but alas not: that’s faux leather/suede, although, on the plus side, they ARE just £38, so I guess we can’t really complain too much, can we?

For such an affordable pair of shoes, these really are amazingly cute. Now, granted, I have a huge bias here, because green and bows are almost always going to be Kryptonite for me, but the oversized bows on these ones would make me love them in just about any colour, and just to prove that, here’s a pale pink version, which I also love:

pink bow shoes

If you don’t like green OR pink, meanwhile, there’s always basic black, which is also available. These also come in half-sizes, which is a pleasant surprise for a budget brand: how I wish more shoe brands would do that!

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  • I actually own these shoes doppelgangers. They are by Diva Lounge and I bought them last in green on Urbanog.com. The bow is slightly different (they most resemble the bows on Kate Spade’s Charm slingbacks) but in the same material. But other than that, they are twins. Same materials, same pointed toes and same modest

    They were super cheap (twenty-something as I recall) and they are amazingly comfortable. I loved them so much that a week after they arrived in the mail, I went back online and bought them in black and red. They’ve since become staples in my wardrobe, the black pair has even been raised to the prestigious role as my essential, go-to basic black pumps. If Even & Odd’s version is anything like Diva Lounge’s I highly recommend them.

  • Not green enough for what I have in mind right now (currently craving for the green color of your Topshop Glams), but the shape is to die for, the height seems perfect and I love the double bow.

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