Friday Fix: Christian Louboutin ‘Completa

Christian Louboutin Completa black Christian Louboutin Completa nude Christian Louboutin toe

Christian Louboutin ‘Completa’, £395

I think I’m love.

These shoes are from Christian Louboutin’s Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, and are yet another example of the “simple” pumps done exceptionally well. Louboutin just keeps outdoing himself in this respect: I keep thinking the shoes just can’t get any better, and then something like this appears to prove me wrong!

Much of the impact of these shoes comes from the asymmetric toe, with its super-low vamp. Although I absolutely love it, I won’t be surprised if I’m in the minority here, because this shoe is designed to show a LOT of toe cleavage, which I know is a big turn-off for some of you. If you can live with that, however, you’ll have an amazingly sexy, classically beautiful pair of pumps, which come in two of the most versatile colours of all: nude and black. (How to choose between them, though? HOW?)

These are £395, which, although not what anyone would describe as “cheap” (Well, anyone other than Beyonce, maybe, or Victoria Beckham…) puts them amongst the lower-priced shoes in the Louboutin range. You can buy Pigalles, Simple pumps and various other styles for this kind of price range, but I think ‘Completa’ has just gone right to the top of my wish list!

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  • I feel like black would take the full advantage of an unusual toe, while with beige it would get long. In case you were really in need for advice 😉

  • How does this man find so ways to make a simple court shoe so damn sexy, when others can’t even make one decent basic pump?

    I’m in love with these. His “Flueve” was already on my wishlist, & these are certainly making their way on it too!

  • I bought these shoes from net a porter in a glossy patent leather win/red colour- Best Louboutin investment ever. These shoes make sense. They are sexy and comfortable – VERY COMFORTABLE to walk around in. A must buy investment piece!

  • Just bought this shoe this summer in Paris.. beautiful! I was looking for So Kate, but as expected she was out of stock…. so this was a perfect second choice- thin heel, low vamp, pointed toe like the So Kate but at 100mm these are so wearable. And I know what you mean about the toe cleavage but OMG how amazing they make you feel !! I agree with Gahlia- how does he make such a simple shoe so delicate and sexy ! I’m always surprised that the Completa doesn’t get enough attention. But in my book they’re a classic!

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