MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Delphine’: one style, two shoes

pink bow court shoes pink ballet flats with bow

Michael Kors, ‘Delphine’, £85.12 / £108.95

I spoke a few months ago about how great it would be if more shoe designers released their best styles in various heel heights. There are some who do this, of course, but it’s not as widespread a practice as it could be, so I was pleased to discover that Michael Kors’ ‘Delphine’ pumps (from the ‘Michael’ diffusion line) come in both a stiletto and a flat version.

The bright pink uppers and puffed bows give these tons of impact, regardless of heel height, but isn’t it great to know that if you don’t wear heels, you can go for the flats instead – and vice versa? Then, of course, there are those of us who practically live in heels, but often keep a pair of flats tucked in their handbag for emergencies: my emergency flats are normally gold or suede, so they’ll go with whatever I happen to be wearing at the time, but I must say, I’m kind of loving the idea of being able to switch to exactly the same shoe, just with a different height of heel!

The flats would be a purely practical buy for me, as flat shoes always are, buy I really love the heels, which are also available in navy. These have an elegant shape, a beautiful bow, and a stand-out colour, finished off with a touch of gold: perfect!

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  • I love this concept! All those poor people out there who can’t wear heels (gasp) won’t miss out on the pretty shoes!

    I’d totally choose the heels in this case, however.

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