Menbur ‘Cayley’ polka dot/stripe slingbacks

Menbur shoes

Menbur ‘Cayley’, £81.78

Last week’s post about Menbur shoes managed to whet my appetite for some more from the brand, so I took a look at their website this morning, and look what I found!

These ‘Cayley’ slingbacks are very similar in style to the ‘Pisum Ot’ peep toes which I got from the Sarenza Brand Ambassador programme last year. They have the same stripe uppers and polka dot platforms, but while my shoes have a closed heel and a single-layered bow, these ones have a slingback, and a rosette-shaped one instead. Other than that, however, and some slight differences in the available colours (Last year’s shoes came in pink, rather than red), they’re very much the same style, so those of you who’ve been searching for the originals without much luck (I know there are at least a couple of you out there) might want to consider these instead.

Even although I DO already own a very similar pair of shoes, I have to confess that I’m seriously tempted by the blue version of these. The combination of polka dots and stripes is so well done on this shoe, and the whole look is just so much fun, that it’s hard not to love them! Especially when you have a well-documented obsession with spots, stripes and bows, obviously…

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