Friday Night Louboutin Fix: Christian Louboutin Ronfifi Alta 100 buttoned boots

I’ve been banging on about the approach of winter for weeks now, so I thought I may as well bow to the inevitable and make this week’s Friday Fix a pair of boots.

I know at least one person who loves Christian Louboutin’s Ronfifi Alta 100 buttoned boots, and, actually, better make that two people, because I love them too. The Victoriana feel of the multiple buttons and lace-fronts is just perfect for winter: all you need is a fabulous coat to wear with them… oh, and £1,070.

Anyone else want to add their name to the list of those who love these boots?

(Click here to buy them.)


  • I love those boots so much I want to take them to the registry office and get it made official 😀 They’re so steampunk and glorious and astronomically out of my price range!

  • Oh, I’m sure you will add maaaany names here now… mine FOR SURE! I love boots, I love buttons, these boots now are just what I was asking heaven to send me… yes, heaven, because I need a miracle to get them… the price is too high for me… *sniff* FANTASTIC boots, anyway!

  • These are actually my favorite Louboutins. Ever.
    Maybe since my parents never DID buy my a pony when I was little, they’ll buy me these. Well…I did say ‘maybe’.


    I love shoes in the “1800s-Nanny-look”. The price is ridiculous, but they are truly beautiful.
    I only hope they have zippers on the inside, otherwise getting in and out would probably drive one mad…

  • I loove them!

    Hopefully some retailer will make a cheaper version of these (I would also like a chunkier heel, just because I can’t walk in stilettoes), because I really want them!

    • Oh god yes. But my version to be a lower form of stiletto, as I usually have to do a lot of walking.

      Lets hope those retailers are reading…

  • I love them. I am getting a bunch of money for student loans… But i guess that money should go towards school… especially because i’m doing distance ed and will not really be going outside as much as possible…

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