Would you wear … see-through boots?

transparent boots

see-through boots

FINDS + GSIX Ginny PVC boots, £105

The fact that these boots come complete with two pairs of socks (one of which is shown above), makes me think they’re supposed to be worn as shown in the second image, rather than the first. (Although you just know there’ll be someone who’ll want to wear them without the socks, don’t you? )

This is good news to me, because although I’m not a big fan of the second look, it has to be preferable to what a pair of bare feet might look like after they’d been walking around and sweating in a pair of PVC boots for a few hours, doesn’t it? (Er, sorry for that visual: I hope no one was eating while they were reading this!)

This idea isn’t a new one, obviously: see-through boots and shoes pop up every so often, although I don’t think boots like this have ever really been part of “mainstream” fashion. I found these at Net-a-Porter, however, which always has its virtual finger on the fashion pulse, so I’m wondering if PVC boots are about to become the Birkenstock sandals of 2015. I doubt it, somehow, but then again, I wouldn’t have believed that chunky sandals would’ve become so popular either, so you never know!

In theory, this is actually quite a clever idea, allowing you to change the colour/pattern of your boots as often as you change your socks. They’ll also be practical on a rainy day or muddy walk, too, because they’ll keep your feet dry and wipe clean if you get them dirty. For me, those plus points don’t outweigh the negative ones, but with that said, this style of boots wouldn’t particularly be my style even if it WASN’T see-through, so I very much doubt I’m part of the target audience for these.

Are you, though? Would you wear these boots?

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  • I would….IF the boots were of a more neutral color, so I could completely “take over” the look with any sock og stocking. BUT then again i completely agree on the fact, that risking someone wearing them barefoot really upsets me :S

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