River Island pointed ankle boots

blue pointed ankle boots

gold ankle boots

black ankle boots

River Island pointed ankle boots, £85

This is one of those cases where I’ve looked at a particular pair of shoes so many times that I’ve managed to convince myself I’d already shown you them. I haven’t, though, and it’s about time I did, so without further ado, here’s River Island’s pointed ankle boots, available in blue suede, gold leather, or basic black.

I know the pointed toe and pin heel on these will be deal-breakers for many of you, and it’s true that they do have a tiny bit of an 80s feel to them, especially in the bright blue upper. I think the sharp silhouette is exactly what gives these an edge over other, similar boots, though: the very angular design gives these an elegance which can be missing from rounder, softer shapes, and although the blue suede was what initially attracted me to these, I think the gold could be an interesting addition to my boot collection, too!

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