Black Odeon Bow Trim Dogtooth Court Shoes

dogtooth platform shoes

Black Odeon Bow Trim Dogtooth Court Shoes, £25

The fact that these shoes are just £25 instantly tells you two things:

a) They’re on sale

b) There aren’t many sizes left. Sorry.

It may also tell you something about the quality of the shoes in question, but I couldn’t possibly speculate on that, because Odean is a brand I haven’t yet had the pleasure of trying on in person. What I can tell you, though, is that these definitely look the part: houndstooth tends to come into fashion every year at around this time, but it’s particularly popular for winter 2012, and I very much like the shape of these, too: they have a sturdy feel about them, but manage not to look too clunky at the same time. If you’re thinking the angle of the heel looks very steep, well, you’re right: never fear, though – there’s also a high covered platform to help even things out!

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