Melissa x Karl Lagerfeld Ultragirl Heels

Melissa x Karl Lagerfeld Ultragirl pumps

Melissa x Karl Lagerfeld Ultragirl pumps

Melissa x Karl Lagerfeld Ultragirl Pumps, $175

I seem to be going through a bit of a ‘Melissa’ phase this month (When am I NOT, I hear you ask? Fair point.) because last week I showed you the new collection for the Melissa x Vivienne Westwood line, and today I bring you this latest offering from Melissa x Karl Lagerfeld.

I’ve never been as keen on the Melissa x Karl Lagerfeld collection as I am on the Vivienne Westwood ones (In fact, to be perfectly honest, I haven’t liked ANY of the Melissa collaborations nearly as much as the Vivienne Westwood ones, but that’s just me…), and I don’t tend to like novelty shoes AT ALL, but I think these have a certain charm to them, which can’t help but make me smile. I’m not saying I’d happily spend $175 on them. but the Karl-inspired sunglasses sitting on the toe do inject a bit of humour into the design, and sometimes that’s just what the doctor ordered.

These shoes are also available with an all-black upper, but it’s the white/grey one I’ve chosen to style today:

Melissa x Karl Lagerfeld heels

Monochrome look featuring Melissa x Karl Lagerfeld Ultragirl heels:

♥   top  ♥   trousers  ♥  clutch bag   ♥  sunglasses  iPhone case

With shoes like these, you can either choose to play up the novelty aspect of them, or play it down. I’ve gone for the latter option, but couldn’t resist including a pair of sunglasses similar to the ones on the shoes. In an ideal world, and me being me, I’d probably want to wear the SAME sunglasses as my shoes (as strange as that sounds), but I couldn’t find a pair of Lagerfeld’s that looked exactly like them, so these will have to do. The rest of this look is a classic monochrome outfit, designed to let the shoes take centre stage – just as Uncle Karl would want it!


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