Shoe Deja Vu: Christian Louboutin ‘Greissimo’ Vs Head Over Heels ‘Darling’ gingham peep toes

red gingham peep toes

Why is it that no matter how many pairs of shoes I have in a particular style or print, I still want more?

Take gingham, for instance. I already have my red gingham Garda wedges from Schuh, and, you know, I LOVE those shoes. But one of my all-time favourite Louboutins was the gingham ‘Greissimo’ peep toes from last year, and so, as soon as I saw that Head Over Heels had made a pretty good “inspired by” version of them, I practically started drooling. Oh, who am I kidding? I actually DID start drooling. Nice visual there, no?

When you see these two shoes side-by-side, there’s really no comparison. I tried the Greissimos on a few times last year (just to torture myself, you understand), and loved them so much the price tag almost made me weep. The high street version, however, is much more reasonably priced, at just £55, and has all of the same elements: the red gingham upper, the knot front, the peep toe, the platform. And no, it’s not quite as stunning as the Louboutin version, but I reckon a pair of these would do me just fine.

These are selling out pretty quickly, and stock is low in most sizes, so if you want them, better click here.



  • You’re right, when you compare them side by side, there’s really no comparison, but without taking the Loubs in the equation, I’m pretty sure those others are pretty gorgeous on their own!

  • I’ve been seeing a bunch of red gingham shoes lately (or maybe this site just opened my eyes to them). A few months back I bought a pair of Carrini peep toes off eBay. They are different from these though. The heel is solid red and instead of a knot they have a red satin bow.

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