Sophia Webster ‘Coco’ purple swan heels

Sophia Webster 'Coco' purple swan heels

Sophia Webster ‘Coco’ purple swan heels, £300

Three things drew me to these shoes:

1. That amazing purple upper. Such a beautiful, rich colour, and one that will not only work now, with all of those summery florals out there, but will be just as appropriate for autumn/winter, too.

2. The swans:

sophia webster swan heels


Ya gotta love a couple of swans on a stiletto, right? These give the shoes a bit of a fairytale feel too, which is rarely a bad thing in my book.

3. The fact that they’d be perfect with this skirt:

Topshop plaid taffeta skirt

Topshop Limited Edition Picnic Taffeta midi skirt, £95

Oh, THIS SKIRT. I don’t even need to tell you why I love it, do I? It arrived on the Topshop website on Friday morning, and my heart leapt at the sight of it… then sunk when I looked at the price. £95 is a little too much for me to spend on one skirt at the moment, unfortunately, (Especially considering that I’ve promised myself not to buy any more skirts/dresses at the moment.) (Also considering that, despite that promise, I may actually have ordered the pink dress from this post.) (And I also ordered it in black.) but Topshop have been releasing these full, taffeta skirts in various colours all year, and, having purchased the turquoise version last December, I can confirm that they’re definitely worth the investment. I think I only paid £60 for mine, so I’m not sure why this one is so much more, but they’re amazing skirts, and this one has a really unusual print too, which makes it all the more covetable.

But back to the shoes. While pin-heels are never going to be my favourite style, the shape of this shoe is classic enough to appeal even to some of those who generally dislike Sophia Webster’s quirky aesthetic. They’re elegant and sophisticated, with just a touch of whimsy at the heel, and although I’ve chosen to pair them with this skirt (and, er, the matching top…), I also think they’d look stunning  with a basic black dress.

Topshop taffeta skirt and Sophia Webster shoes

How to wear a midi skirt


  • I was lucky enough to get a pair of these in red for my birthday earlier this year. I can confirm that they are just as delicate & gorgeous in reality as they are in the photo! Also, wanted to point out that the birds in the heel are actually flamingos (Yes! Flamingos! They part of what had me going crazy for the shoes in the first place!); the idea of the design being that the pin heel is meant to mimic the long, skinny legs of flamingos. I’ve said flamingos so many times, I’m not even sure I know what the word means anymore…

    As for that skirt…. *weeps from delight*

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