New Look red gingham pointed slingbacks

New Look red gingham pointed slingbacks

New Look red gingham pointed slingbacks

I’ve talked a lot lately about the ongoing gingham trend, and how I so far haven’t really been able to take advantage of it, because almost all of the gingham clothes available right now seem to have tons of ruffles on them, which would make me feel a bit like I was in some kind of costume drama. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that when I see other people wearing them: instead, I just think, “Why can’t I look like that in ruffles?” And seriously: WHY?

(With that said, a few minutes before starting this post, I ordered, not one, but TWO different pairs of gingham trousers, neither of which have a single ruffle on them. Whether or not they actually work out for me is another matter altogether, obviously, but perhaps the gingham doubt is about to be broken? Fingers crossed…)

The clothes might all be gloriously be-ruffled, though, but thankfully the same can’t be said for shoes: and, if I didn’t already own more pairs of gingham-print shoes than was strictly necessary, I’d probably have spent a small fortune on them by now. Luckily, these New Look slingback won’t cost you a small fortune – in fact, at just £17.99 per pair, and also available in black, they’re that lethal kind of price point that allows you to convince yourself that, hey, if they’re THAT cheap, then you may as well just buy them in both colours, huh?

OK, so I’m NOT buying these in both colours – or even one, for that matter. That’s purely because I’m currently trying to be a bit more sensible with my spending. Yes, I know I literally just told you I’d bought two pairs of trousers, but I’m able to justify that with the fact that I recently realised I have hardly any trousers that aren’t jeans, and as I’ve been living in the aforementioned jeans, lately, I’d like to be able to switch that up a little. If I HADN’T just made that purchase, though, I have a feeling I’d be unable to at resist at least one pair of these – and I have another feeling that the  pair in question would be red.

Which colour would you go for?

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