In My Shoes | What I Wore This Week

polka dot skirt and black stilettos

♥ Dune ‘Olsen’ pumps with Topshop skirt

pink shoes and bag

♥ Miss KG rose gold flats with RED Valentino bag*

Cadasei Blade pumps

♥ Casadei ‘Blade’ pumps, Free People trousers*, ZAC Zac Posen handbag*

Well, it’s been a strange old week, folks. If you read my other blog, you might know we’ve been having some pretty serious house-related issues this week, which, coupled with some less serious but still-annoying computer and internet-related issues, have made the whole week a bit of a challenge. Shoes have really been the last thing on my mind, and because I’m surrounded by so much dust and mess, I’ve been wearing some of my oldest clothes too, rather than risk ruining the nicer ones.

I did make it out of the house a few times at the start of the week, although, as you can probably tell, by Tuesday I’d pretty much given up! I’ve been doing my best to keep blogging as normal, but I’m currently living in what feels more-or-less like a building site (as I write this, I’m sitting wearing earplugs because of the pneumatic drill that’s going downstairs…), and there was one day when I had to leave the house altogether as we didn’t have any working toilets, so things haven’t exactly been running smoothly. (I’m sure no one noticed that I didn’t post my usual Wish List this week, but that’s why!)

As things stand, there’s still no real end in sight to the whole situation, so I’m not sure how next week will pan out. I’ll continue to do my best, obviously, but if there are no posts for a couple of days, you’ll know why, and I hope you’ll bear with me while I try to get things back on track!

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