In My Shoes |A Red-Shoes-And-Blue-Jeans Kind of a Week…

red high heels and blue jeans

Saturday: red Primark pumps

red ballet flats

Sunday: Zara ballet flats

red shoe boots and jeans

Monday: I Love Shoes shoe boots c/o Sarenza

This week was yet another one which was completely taken over by house woes and renovations, so needless to say, getting dressed-up has been the last thing on my mind! So much so, in fact, that I seem to have managed to wear red shoes and jeans in every single one of these photos: whoops!

I actually didn’t realise I was doing it at the time, but I guess it makes sense that I’d turn to a “uniform” at a time when I just don’t want to have to think too much about what I’m wearing. In my case, jeans are definitely my “don’t want to think about it” option: they’re always the fallback when I don’t know what to wear. As for red shoes, meanwhile: well, they’re a staple part of my wardrobe too, and can always be relied on to brighten up a boring outfit, which is why I keep on buying them!

These photos also illustrate just how much use I’ve had out of those Zara ballet flats lately: I think they’re appeared a few times already in these roundups, and I tend to wear them at least once a week – most often on weekends, when I’ll be doing more walking than usual. Sadly, it’ll soon be too cold for bare feet, and I’m not very keep on wearing these with tights, so they should start to be phased out pretty soon. Now I just need to work out what I’ll be replacing them with!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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